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"HypnoBirthing boosted my confidence to have the natural birth that I wanted. My husband was really like my own personal doula. We were prepared and excited for the birth of our son! It was a beyond amazing experience! My son is the reason I became a HypnoBirthing Educator."
LaKiesha Pham

Testimonials: Testimonials

I signed up for hypnobirthing to have an experience that would be best for me and my baby. I had already decided I wanted to have a home water birth, so I just needed the education to complete my goals. I got so much more than that from LaKiesha. She went above and beyond, and has such a love for what she does. She was really passionate about hypnobirthing and teaches from the heart. My husband and I really enjoyed working with her. I just had my baby yesterday and I have to say I was extremely impressed by how prepared my husband was and how calm I was. It was a beautiful experience that we will treasure forever.

Kayla Davis

When my husband and I discovered that we were expecting, I was terribly upset--even though my husband was over the moon. Due to this tension, we didn't become intentional about my pregnancy and our baby until halfway through my second trimester. One morning, I was looking at my face in the bathroom mirror, and it just clicked. I needed to go through HypnoBirthing.
I had uncovered HypnoBirthing earlier, when I was just browsing online, but this particular morning, I made up in my mind that I was going to do better by my husband and my child. So, I began searching for HypnoBirthing educators in my area. After signing up with Lakiesha (Intuitive Birth Education), and going through our first lesson together, was when the paradigm shift came.
I remember having to explain my anxieties and fears about pregnancy, birth and motherhood with her. Unsurprisingly, I attributed a lot of negativity due to media and entertainment. It's portrayal of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. LaKiesha met me where I was at emotionally and mentally, and pretty much helped me to raise my vibration and expectancy without placing any limitations or further expectations on my husband--and especially myself.
Yes, HypnoBirthing takes a holistic approach to pregnancy and birth to begin with. Although, Lakiesha committed more than an amazing effort, in presenting the material, walking through exercises with us, and going above and outside the parameters of her job description. She is always ready to answer a call, and shares with you nothing less than truth.
She helped me understand some challenging realities for myself, and empowered me to take ownership of my pregnancy, birthing experience and motherhood experience for myself. And when we shared our labor and delivery story with her, my husband and I, I was beyond proud of myself, my marriage and just how proud that LaKiesha was able to rejoice with us in the after events of our birthing experience.
LaKiesha truly walks in her purpose as a HypnoBirthing educator with passion and a mission. She does what she loves. She's good at what she does. Society needs her gifts, and as a bonus she's monetarily compensated.

Prynsecc Elchanaan

LaKiesha has a warm, infectious personality that shines --even through Zoom. She made sure to mention on multiple occasions the active, supportive role that my husband would play to ensure that he did not feel like a bystander. During class, LaKiesha made us feel comfortable and I'm sure I can reach out to her if I have questions in the future. 

I love love love the HypnoBirthing affirmations track! I already had an appreciation for meditation and affirmations prior to my pregnancy which led me to this course. The HypnoBirthing philosophy did not disappoint and fits well with my beliefs. Practicing hypnosis with LaKiesha always left me feeling calm. I'm continuing to practice the breathing techniques and visualizations and believe that they will help me when I birth my baby in August. Another aspect of the course I enjoyed was the fear release. Some thoughts of fear still creep in, but I stop in my tracks and tell myself "I can do this!" I have affirmations about my gentle unfolding and working with my body and my baby printed and posted on the walls of our home.

Overall, I feel more capable of achieving my goal of natural, gentle childbirth since beginning the class. Thank you LaKiesha!

Angel Whaley

This is the wayyyyyy!!! Regardless, if you decide to deliver in a hospital or at-home, the amount of preparation mentally is worth the investment. LaKiesha is such an angelic soul!! If I could, I would have her present at my birth because she has such an affirming and sweet spirit. I also was a recipient of the scholarship program, and I am so appreciative for the opportunity to be able to meet others laugh, cry and breathe. If you are even thinking about it, you should sign up asap!

Keandra Tatum

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