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Intuitive Birth Education Scholarship Fund
Donations are Welcome!

Hello There!

The Intuitive Birth Education Scholarship Fund begin as a Christmas gift from my cousin in law, Kim Pham. She believed in my mission and felt moved to pay for a Black mother's childbirth education class. She sowed a seed of hope into my business and it has grown!

Intuitive Birth Education has been offering women the best in prenatal, birth, and postnatal education since 2019. I am proud to be in a position to be a safe place for Black woman to receive support and childbirth education classes. I have taught Black woman nationwide, mostly because their aren't any Black childbirth educators in their area. Knowing that we share cultural experiences gives us a bond that is understood without any words. The childbirth education classes I offer provides essential information to help my sisters have knowledge of what is happening in the birth world. If you are not aware of what has been happening I will say that its completely egregious. Black woman are returning home with no babies and Fathers are only coming home only with their baby. We are in a maternity mortality crisis. Let me be clear in saying being Black is NOT the problem! It's the racial bias that has put these Black mothers and babies in danger. We have to do our best to really prepare for our labor experience, especially when giving birth in a hospital.

With the barriers that Black woman are already facing, I don't want childbirth education classes to be one of them. Right now I'm offering partial scholarships to help as many Black mothers as possible financially but the more money we raise the more money we can give towards the classes. Below this note you will see Mrs. Keandra Tatum Scott. She was granted a full scholarship. The money was available and she was the only mother that applied at that time.

If you would like to be apart of this very necessary educational experience please donate to the Intuitive Birth Education Scholarship Fund.  The full class price ranges from $335 - $370 depending on the class they want. The partial scholarship deducts $150.00 from the class price. Any amount you want to donate is never too little or too much! It will be used to help Black mothers have safer and more empowered birth experiences.  Thank you so much!

-LaKiesha Pham

Scholarship Donations: About Us

Mrs. Keandra Scott Tatum

Mrs. Keandra Scott Tatum is the first recipient of the Intuitive Birth Education Scholarship.

Here's what she had to say when she received the scholarship:

"Through empowering & faith I've come a long way as I continue to master beating anxiety. Living with chronic hypertension, I felt HypnoBirthing could truly be a solution to placing fear & pain in the right source to leverage a superpower women were made to conquer and that's Giving Birth!"

Here's what she had to say after completing the HypnoBirthing course:

"This is the wayyyyyy!!! Regardless, if you decide to deliver in a hospital or at-home, the amount of preparation mentally is worth the investment. LaKiesha is such an angelic soul!! If I could, I would have her present at my birth because she has such an affirming and sweet spirit. I also was a recipient of the scholarship program, and I am so appreciative for the opportunity to be able to meet others laugh, cry and breathe. If you are even thinking about it, you should sign up asap!"

Scholarship Donations: Welcome
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