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My name is LaKiesha Pham and I am so glad you decided to visit my website! Intuitive Birth Education was created to educate, empower, and support women to have the birth THEY want. Yes, you read that correctly! You have choices and your voice matters when it comes to one of the most important experiences you will ever have! Through education, you will discover all of your options to make the best decisions for you and your baby. I believe that knowledge is powerful. You can achieve anything you put your mind to!

My Journey Here

I am the proud wife of my hardworking husband, Hien and we have 1 beautiful son, named Benjamin. When we found out that we were pregnant with him I knew that I wanted this pregnancy to be a positive experience. Before Benjamin we suffered two loses already. I call them my angel babies. So in 2018 we were pregnant again and made a conscious decision to remain hopeful and positive! I knew that I wanted an natural, unmedicated birth so I found a midwife and mentioned that I was interested in HypnoBirthing® classes. Surprisingly, my midwife decided to get certified in HypnoBirthing® and soon after offered the class to me. This class helped my husband and I tremendously and it has forever changed my life. We were very prepared to lovingly welcome our son into the world. We had a water birth in our home and it was exactly the kind of birth that I wanted.

I was so inspired by my own birth experience that I decided to become a Hypnobirthing® Educator. My purpose is to offer mothers the care, education, and support that I received when I was pregnant.

What did I do before HypnoBirthing®?

I am a Texas State Certified Teacher. For the past 10 years I have taught in the greater Houston area in elementary and intermediate schools. I am a proud graduate of Prairie View A&M University where I studied Interdisciplinary Studies in Education and Dance. 

OUR Journey Together

I'm so excited to be on this path and I hope I get to work with you at one of the most precious and sacred times of your life. I love what I do! It is a privilege to be apart of your journey and I don't take that lightly. I would be honored to work with you! 


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When I looked into my baby's eyes for the first time, I knew at that moment what real love actually is.

Maura Geddes

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